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I think the best of my journals are the long ones. The long ones are mostly rants.
But right now I'm not going to rant. 

This journal is long. All I talk about is video games. If you go Teal Dear at anything over ten lines don't read this. c:

I'm sure I'm not alone on this: I like some games that no one else likes. Let me explain.
i have a ton of Playstation 2 games (not a ton compared to Youtubers :iconmingplz:) and most of them were bought when I was about six to nine. The latest one I got was Kingdom hearts 2 and I hated it. It kind of surprised me, I never hated any of my Playstation games when I was young. Maybe it was because I was more mature when I bought it? Yea. Anyway, none of my Playstation games were hated by young me. 

Now, I want to tell you about the games I like. Some of em are absolute pig crap. I still like them despite the smell :iconpapmingplz:

There are some games I Have that are bad. 
Charlie's Angels is one of them. And I like that game.
Goodness gracious you have no idea how difficult that was for me to say. :iconuguufaceplz: You know when someone says "you'd have to be really young to get any enjoyment out of this."? I was young when I played this game. And I can see why people got frustrated with it! The voice acting was atrocious, the graphics were - ew, the enemies were tiresomely repetitive and not to mention there was no explanation as to why they're attacking you even though you're in disguise, and the game has a tendency to loop levels forever on some discs, on both the GameCube and Playstation versions. And yet, I still like the game. Isn't that sad? My little nine year old mind thought that there was no such thing as a terrible video game. I enjoyed the game because I didn't question its logic. It didn't have any but let's hush about that. I enjoyed playing it with my sister to see who could be the better one at it. Another game I eventually acquired from a friend (she never played it, ahu) was The Legend of Spyro: Enter The Dragonfly. Why do people seem to dislike this game. Maybe I liked this game because it was the first Spyro game I ever played. Also maybe because it was my friend's game which made it more special every time I played it. I haven't played it for a long time, but I remember that the furthest I've gone in the game was... *rakes brain* The marshlands? something to do with honey? Anyway, I also remember getting into the portal that had Ripto in but, I could never beat him. Little brain capabilities. 
I remember seeing the original Spyro games on the Playstation when I was about three or four (they didn't belong to me though, some guy who probably still has them but doesn't use them. When I meet him again I'm going to ask him if he doesn't use them anymore and if he doesn't I'll ask if I can buy them from him >: D The most I've seen of the first few games is gameplay footage on DYKG's and Caddicarus' channels. To me, they don't seem too different. Which brings me to my next favourite game. Or games.
Crash Of The Titans and Crash Tag Team Racing. 
Wow do I love these games. 
Crash of the Titans was probably the first game I ever fully completed, And because of that, I felt completely BAWS. I don't remember clearly, but I think there were difficulty choices on it. The first time I played was on easy, which was, as it implies, easy. ... The next time I played was on either normal or expert, I can't remember. On each level, I'd explore as much as I could, so that I could find the Idol that has concept art on it. With that concept art, I'd draw any and all the pictures on there, just for fun. Me and my friends really liked the doom monkeys. It's a long story but now's not the time. Now with Crash Tag Team Racing. It's the Crash game that I played the most with friends. I liked it but I don't have much to say about it for some reason...

Here's another game that was apparently horrible! Bratz: Rock Angelz. I liked this game because, well, I was a little girl. I loved the movies so much when I was a kid. After watching Caddicarus' review on the game (Appropriately named: Bratz: The Splatty Ratz That Are Gnatz Covered In Shatz) I finally realized, "This game is actually shit." And yet, I still like the game! Of course it was because I was a little girl. Every girl liked pink at my school. How sad. Y'see, I liked it because of the freedom of customization. That honestly has to be my most favourite thing in ANY game. Which is why I loved Spore and the Sims, and Skyrim for the freedom of choosing your character and choice of skills.

I mentioned Spyro earlier. I'll mention it again! 
I also got The Legend Of Spyro, which was the first Spyro game I owned. Man I loved it. And I never got the sequels. :iconnotsureifgusta: The graphics were extremely cool; they looked somewhat realistic to me and they had awesome environmental feels to them. When compared to the graphics of the previous games, I have to say that I like the Legend's graphics much better. The enemies were extremely suited to their environment, as well as the fact they didn't respawn, which I loved because once you killed them you can explore and get more gems. :la: As well as the fact that (spoiler alert? :iconidklolplz:) once I got to the boss battle with Cynder (btw, the area was top notch. Loved the random alien things flying around eue) I got so pissed off with her because she was so powerful >:U like she could fly but I couldn't! And the ending scene when she turns young again was just - :iconthefeelsplz: Y U DO DIS GAME. Maybe it wasn't too good as a Spyro game, idk. But I absolutely loved the game. As well as the fact that once you've finished the game, you can replay it with ALL your powers! 8D

Another weird game. Dogs' Life. You play as a dog. And you can shit anytime after you've eaten. And when you've shat already you can fart on anything. You can also throw your shit at people and you can maul a cat. You can play basket ball with bits of wood. You can eat bones. You can chase sheep like a sheep dog BUT THEY NEVER  GO INTO THEIR FUCKIN PEN. you can jump on top of a car. You can get clawed by kittens and some Asian lady will hate you so flipping much for annoying her kittens. I guess it's just the childish humour in the game that I liked. I mean the FMV at the beginning shows Jake trying to impress Daisy by... Farting on a butterfly. And killing it in the process. :iconjackiechanwtfplz: I've never finished the game, and when I tried to cheat my way to the ending but it kind of just glitched everything. Did I mention that the cheat codes are amazing to enter? I think one went "Bark, bark, growl" when another went "pee left, pee right, shit". Wow. You can just watch the Game Grumps episode on the game to understand it. Btw I loved this game and considered it legend.

I also had The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer. Best multiplayer game I have. And I don't think I've ever heard anyone talking about it. I replayed it so many times. It's just cool and I have no idea how to explain. Sometimes when my sister was playing it with me, she'd stop moving and I couldn't go anywhere because it didn't have a split screen. The game made us rage like anything. eue

Movie tie-in games. I had Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Like any other Harry Potter game, it was nothing special. But it was my sister's game. She loved Harry Potter. That should be able to explain everything. Flying in quidditch was so, sooo annoying. But fighting the Basilisk? Fun. 

... Also I hated Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks. And I hate the general storyline in Skyward Sword because all you the whole thing revolves around Zelda. Everyone's obsessed with her. Except Skyloft. Nobody there gives a shit. It's just that everything that goes wrong in the game is purely because of Zelda. I don't care about Zelda in the games! D:< that's why I loved Twilight Princess. Zelda didn't appear that much. But when she did, she was cool about everything. And Midna was the best guide in ANY Zelda game. I loved her throughout the whole game, especially toward the end of the game. 

I think I'm finally finished rambling. I'm sorry. 

So if you read all that, I have to ask: what was the worst game you've ever played? Any games you've played that were bad but you still liked?


Apologies for spelling mistakes if there are any :XD:
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